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I just got fired from the molly maid today, when yesterday I made a complaint of working with mold.

The maids only get paid to clean, and not paid for being gone from the house for eight hours a day.

The driver works to pick up the partner, and drive around is a job but they refuse to pay

They work 40 or more hours a week for 250 bucks a week. Less then minimum wage

Then matt the owner in cambridge, ontario, asked a girl named Rosie to steal a letter on a fridge and bring it to him.

horrible company

slave labour

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Kitchener, Ontario, Canada #893477

is this why you are not giving me my ROE matt?

because travel time is supposed to be paid?

no travel time is ever given, nor do we get paid for the actual labor of doing the *** laundry..four bucks does not cover it!!!!

this is eye opening, you lying that we are paid travel time, and now i think this is why I am being forced with a lawyer to get my *** ROE


The comments as noted above are inaccurate. Please feel free to contact me to discuss further.

We do pay for cleaning as well as travel time.

And always meet minimum wage requirements plus.

to matt Kitchener, Ontario, Canada #893455

you are full of ***...no one got paid for travel time...nor does anyone get paid for doing the laundry

now dodging legal documents of ROE !!!!

to matt Kitchener, Ontario, Canada #893480

i can not believe i am reading this

no one got paid travel time...NO ONE

not even before you took the place over do people get paid for it!!

let the government deal with your abuse of honest hard working people!!!

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