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Two members of the Rochester Hills, MI office, arrived at our home 20 minutes late for the first cleaning, they were questioned they came back down about lateness without providing a phone call to inform us that they would be late. Upon their non acceptable response they were directed that they must inform us when they would be late of the contracted time.

When they were directed to the upstairs where my Afro-American son was (I was not able to accompany due to disability) they came back down and left our home without explanation.

Upon contacting the office we were told that the workers felt "UNSAFE" in our home and when asked upon what circumstances the manager failed to send a replacement crew and violated the terms of the signed contract. This whole incident was based on the underlying racial tones because my son (26 yrs old) is Afro-American!!!

And the attitude of the manager of the Rochester Hills office was very rude and unwilling to cooperate in resolving the matter. DO NOT HIRE THIS OFFICE TO DO YOUR CLEANING. THEY ARE VERY UN-PROFESSIONAL!!!!!!

Review about: Molly Maid Cleaning Service.

Monetary Loss: $225.

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I can relate to your problems to some degree the office by me in bergenfield NJ just ran things as they saw fit, my problem was I am dealing with 2 82 year old seniors with memory problems. Now then my father 82 who also has parkinson's usually wears his robe instead of getting dressed you want there is only so much I can do alone, and for some screwy reason the crew never for the life of me emptied out a basket in a bathroom while that is petty they were paid to do a job and it wasn't getting done.

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