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I am extremely disappointed in my Molly Maids house cleaning. When I called to request a cleaning, I told the woman I spoke with my fiancé and I were moving into a house we bought and since there was a family who lived there before, I wanted a thorough cleaning so I would not have anything dirty left behind by the previous owners.

The woman said they do not clean windows, which was fine, but they would do everything else; clean the windowsills, wash the floors, clean the refrigerator, oven, the bathrooms and tubs, the baseboards and wipe down the walls. I unplugged the refrigerator and ran the self cleaning oven like they told me. The house is completely empty, we have not moved in yet because we wanted it cleaned first. When I went to the house after the cleaning, which was more than 24 hours later, I saw it did not look clean at all.

The refrigerator has food spills, crumbs, and orange sticky stuff inside all of the drawers and where the ice shoots out. The outside cover of the ice machine was not wiped down and still has dirt all over. The inside doors of the refrigerator toward the bottom are disgusting and look like they have never been cleaned before. They bottom grate outside of the refrigerator is completely filled with dust.

When I opened the oven, the glass window inside was just covered in grease and old food that had made messes on it. The bottom of the oven has burnt food all over. The stove burners have sticky leftover food. The floor between the kitchen and dining room has hair and crumbs all over.

The floors of the bathrooms were covered with hairs, as were the baseboards throughout the entire house. The windowsills were not touched and are still dusty. They left the door unlocked after the woman told me they always lock up. The only thing I can see they did was vacuum.

I was so excited Molly Maids was coming to clean my first home, and I do not think they cleaned anything. I know Molly Maids offer special cleanings for events, new homes, etc. This is what I was told I would receive. I called the Molly Maids who cleaned my house in Merrimack, NH and spoke with the owner Larry who laughed and told me I should have emptied the fridge so then maybe they would have cleaned.

Everything in the house is empty. No one lives there. There is nothing. I told him and he got frustrated with me and said he would resend the same "team" out tomorrow and they would JUST clean the refrigerator and stove, and nothing else.

I was sorry I could not return to the home within 24 hours to inspect, as I know they put that on their website page. I am a full time student and did not have the ability to drive to the house before going home to see the absent cleaning before 24 hours expired. Even after Molly Maids came back the second time there is still grease residue on the inside of the oven door. I expected a thorough cleaning so I would know my new home was clean and sanitary.

I took pictures of everything that they did not do and how disgusting they left my house. I do not know where to go from here, but I did not receive the service I was promised.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of molly maid house cleaning service. Molly Maid needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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