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I would like to start off by saying that your staten island office operated by sebastion costa is a sham and a complete mess. I have never worked for such a unorganized and disrespectful person in my life not to mention a liar.

When i started working i signed a form that stated i would be paid $8 hr while in trainging and then 18% partner after that and 20% when i become a leader. I was also supposed to get two uniform shirts but was given one old worn out shirt and was told i had to share it. But when i got my first check in the morning on friday 8 2013 before i even opened it mr costa says if theres any problem with it let me know on monday becuse i will not be in the rest of the day i have to get surgery on my knee. ok i said so i when home and reviewed my check and compared it to my notes for each day i worked it did not have the correct amount.

so i told him on monday 11 2013 and he snaped at me. Thats impossible he said. thought that was ever unproffessional and was upset so i walked way and sat down. A few minutes later he calls me to the office and we go over my pay not only was i missing an hr and a half from my few days of training instead of two week training as per the employee agreement.

he also paid me based on 16% commission instead of 18% as per the employee agreement. After having a slightly heated disscussion about it he says ok your right ill fix your pay and give you the 18% and the hour and a half i owe you. but please dont tell the other girls. Now im thinking somethings not right why is this a secret?

but i finished my day and that was that but today tuesday 12 2013 i come in to work and sit down for our morning meeting and mr costa brings up the topic of pay rates once again. He states that while in training you get $8 then 16% for training then 18% partner then 20% leader. But these are subject to change at any time of his liking. Do you all understand?

So being that this is a meeting its an open disscussion and becused he asked a question i asked didnt we sign an agreement that it would be $8 hr training and then 18% partner then 20% leader. at no point did he state at the time of hiring that it would be a sliding scale. his excuse was as he said it every nasty to me in front of other coworkers well I'm not making enough money. So that's how it is.

then he says i have discussed with you meaning me what we will look into your situation independently even though i don't like doing that i will. I said OK. Then he asked the other worker if they have anything to add too afraid to speak up then hold there heads down while guesturing no. the meeting finally finishes late as usual and before i get to join my team of three in the car he calls me to the office.

We start discussing the pay rate once again and he says if u want to go over and take a look at the agreement you signed i can do that but these are my terms i will pay you 18% for your past work that you think we agreed on but from now on you will get 16 % untill you become partner then 18% then 20%. So i asked to see the agreement form i signed so i could look over it again and he refused to give it to me. And started yelling at me that if i didn't like it i could leave. I was out raged that i was being treated this was and once again he was not committing to his word.

I asked why cant i see the form he says i dont have to show it to you. This office is being ran completely on his terms and not that of molly maids. I had no choice but to resign due to the untolerable treatment and lyies that were obviously made clear. I informed mr.

costa that i would be contacting you about this and he yells at me and says am i threatening him? My reply is was calmly i said no im not i am simply telling you that i will be contacting the main office and informing them of my terrible experience with you. The uniforms that have to be shared are tattered and worn out. The equipment is sub par and falling apart.

The cars are disgusting.

Im sorry to say but if this is the way molly maids lets there independent owners operate you have a serious liability on your hands. I would never recommend this company to any one looking for a job or cleaning service.

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Glendale, Arizona, United States #1277251

so some kind of the same thing is been going on with me I've been with Molly Maid for five years and now all of a sudden I'm being charged a surcharge to help towards gas supplies rent Exedra exedra how does that work

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