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First of all NO ONE called me to set up time when team would be at my home. I was not at home and received a call that they were waiting for me. I arrived at home 9:15 a.m. Every single item that they cleaned was moved and NOT put back where it was. I was told they could not move appliances out, so I MOVED them and she cleaned behind them. They were done at 11:15. $80/hour times 3 is $240?? RIGHT??? I was CHARGED $300. I called and left... Read more

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We had Mollymaid for years until last year.Over a few vista we were robbed by Molly Maid employees because we were missing brand new jewelry and alcohol just purchased the final visit . The company does not stand behind their claims of insured and bonded. We called the police, the cleaners were questioned and one refused to answer any, the other abruptly quit. We called Molly Maid's insurance company who stated unless the cleaners were charged... Read more

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The branch where I now live does not seem interested in their clients satisfaction. Easy to reach surfaces, such as table tops have dust remaining in the center only an hour after a visit. Sliding glass door tracts have dust and spider webs, indicating they were not vacuumed, right after a visit. Baseboards are not touched and candles are not dusted. Maids take personal calls - I work from a home office and find this distraction may be the... Read more

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I was told that my spring clean would be $75.00 an hour. I booked the appt. The day before they were to come I got a call saying they would be there on time with a team of three. I said ok. They came and stayed two hours and left a bill for $225.00. I called to say they must have the math wrong and she said no $75.00 is for a team of two. I responded no one told me it would be more with a team of three and the new price was not told (or I... Read more

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Molly maid franchise sunninghill sunnigdale and Ascot are awful. Dirty cleaners, smokers. Expensive service. Didn't clean well at all, had to be pointed specific areas and jobs. Company does not offer apology just keep repeating that they can send cleaners back to do it again. Why would you want bad cleaners back in your house?!

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Molly Maid House Cleaning Service Review from Billerica, Massachusetts
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I am extremely disappointed in my Molly Maids house cleaning. When I called to request a cleaning, I told the woman I spoke with my fiancé and I were moving into a house we bought and since there was a family who lived there before, I wanted a thorough cleaning so I would not have anything dirty left behind by the previous owners. The woman said they do not clean windows, which was fine, but they would do everything else; clean the windowsills,... Read more

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Well it definitely got they're attention, the came on back out and took care of redoing the floors. They also gave a call to check if it was done to my liking, still would not recommend them to any one else

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The four ceiling fans were not cleaned. The ceilings were not cleaned. The walls were not cleaned. These were all things that were listed as things they would clean when I initially called to set up an appointment. $180 for 3 hours is ridiculous. I am disabled and I feel that I was taken advantage of in retrospect. I would not recommend this company to anyone. When they called and asked how the visit went, I informed them about the fans and was... Read more

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Review about Molly Maid House Cleaning from Mesa, Arizona
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1st off I only hired them because I was told, "One person will clean the kitchen. One person will vacume, One person will clean the bathrooms and one person will dust." so I was lead to believe 4 people would show up for 5-6 hours so when 2 showed up I called and they said they only have groups of 2. I already had day care set up and had all my errands run, I didn't want to cancel and find another cleaning crew. Then at 3 I left to drop my car... Read more

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Molly maid is the worst company to work for.. They scandalized your name and talk bad about other employees.. Melva Floyd is the worst boss

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